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Lecture 2 - Negative Social Energy Grid.

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Lecture 2 - Negative Social Energy Grid.

Seeing all these horrible things of earthly life, I tried to improve my life, keep the light, studied many oriental currents and meditations, practiced them for many years, but either the result was insufficient, or sufficient, but short-lived.

And only after I did certain certain techniques to disconnect from terrestrial energies, from the negative social energy grid I had a breakthrough! I connected with a real myself much more and began to understand my feelings and watch where my thoughts are, and where the imposed thoughts of other people.

The fact is that the planet earth has its own characteristics, which are very important to know and understand in order to truly live your life! It is surrounded by a veil that separates it from the most of the energies of love and freedom, which our universe is saturated with. Also on the energy levels of our planet there is a network of negative implants (negative energy devices, which try to separate a human consciousness from his soul, mind from emotions, love from sexuality and which create a lot of distortions in mutual understanding). They also create fears of death, pain, hunger, lack of money, and the worst thing is that they are present in almost every human being.

And without disconnection from them, without connection to yourself directly, it's very difficult to be truly conscious and happy, and also to receive 100% of the benefits of any meditation. The implants topic will be discussed in more detail further in my extended course.

But it is also very important to know and understand that the vast majority of people on our planet are connected to numerous energy and mental networks. They can be called egregores. For instance, jobs, schools, universities, as well as various beliefs, mental programs, advertising and millions of different bad things that really affect people.

I'll give you an analogy: let's say some people have cars, but almost all of them have punctured tires. And it is very difficult for them to drive and to pass driving tests. By that I mean to understand their thoughts and desires, to meditate. And such people need to fix their tires and wheels before they can go forward
Сложенные руки I want to help people get rid of all that is imposed and artificial. I want to return people to themselves. I'll teach you how to disconnect from an incorrect social matrix and from implants.

The most important thing that you have to understand is that you are the source of energy and happiness and joy for yourself. I will help you tune in to yourself, and then any meditation will be much more successful for you. Even after the first detachment exercise from this course, you will feel the ease and increased freedom!

I often notice in the process of communicating with people that many of them have an unreasonable sense of guilt for actions they did not commit, they are brought up so that they feel they owe something to someone. They are afraid to offend other people by their refusal, albeit this can make harm to themselves.

Also, many people do not think from themselves, but from other people, they literally take on trust other people's thoughts as if these thoughts are their own ones.
People experience confusion and mess in mind, they regularly experience diffidence in their actions. And also do not forget about difficulties in self-determination, difficulties in the search for meanings and goals, doubts in the correctness of the choice of profession, place of work, place of residence.

For example, I once attended a spiritual seminar and the teacher asked everyone a question: "What would you be doing if there were absolute freedom and no restrictions?" I was amazed when I heard that everyone start saying something like: "Well.., I would travel to Bali, although there are problems with visas..."
Or: "Well, I would be engaged in drawing..." Or: "I would change my job".

It's obvious that people didn't think freely within the limitations of society. And they did not understand theirselves. It reminds me of an experiment with fleas that can't jump out of a jar although the lid is no longer there. 

If you remember in the condition of the question it was said that "if there was absolute freedom," but people continued to think in a limited way.

Сложенные руки If you feel that you can have such thoughts, then my course will help you very much! But it's also important to understand that even if you do not have anything 100% like that, it does not mean that the course will not help you, because every person is an individual, and you will be able to see the benefits in the process.

When my turn came, I, first, warned that my answer would be a little unusual. And then said that I always had a dream or goal from childhood (which actually was memories of my cosmic past) about how I travel through outer space in the circle of the best friends to different planets, civilizations, galaxies...
 I get acquainted with different people, study culture, science, communicate with planets, stars, felling great energy, enjoying an endless life... 

And from my point of view only such life is worth dreaming about! Especially, if the question is what would you do if there was absolute freedom! And many people are prevented from really dreaming and understanding themselves because of negative energy network and, as a result, a lack of understanding of their desires.

Therefore, the next part of this course will be devoted to practical exercises on disconnecting from negative energy networks and understanding your thoughts and desires!

Therefore, without wasting time, we'll get straight to meditation!

P.S. I'm glad to remind you that you can look through my course in video format, which you can read about here.

Welcome to the next lecture! 

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  1. I had heard about an highly negative grid surrounding the Earth, and we all on Cobra's blog I would say know about the false plasma etheric separation grid. It is nice to read from someone who remembers so well. I have a bit of info from "The Alien Interview" Goldfish report and Cobra. I am writing here not to chat really but that I cannot access your meditations I as taught my the Buddhists and don't do to bad, at least I love it.When I try click on it I go round in circles,
    Thank you. I am known as Indi, but Alhara Sol Raha is the name of my spirit, my HS gave me on a very infrequent contact. I don't know how to get it to contact, I cannot force. It must be grace that has not happened much.

  2. Your course seems to be run by Ucademy;I am already registered mean to do a pendulum healing course. So I tried to long in on your site, no joy. I did the reset PW and Ucademy sent me a link, that didn't work. As it not my official course, need to be a bit careful as they are there to make money, that is it in the main. So I had to go to their main site, put I have a free gift, I as already registered and can they sort out my registration. I would put an explanation about the role of Ucademy here, as they get you to tick all their emails, updates etc. I know them and they behave alright, other ill never have heard of them and may be suspicious. It is ok I am going now. Over and out.