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Lecture 8 - Carrying out the soul image to the physical level & Create unique creative arts!

Сложенные руки Hello, my dear guests, I'm glad to advise you that you can look through my course in video format, which you can read about here.
I also highly recommend you to listen to this wonderful music (or any other from this channel):

Lecture 8 - Carrying out the soul image to the physical level & Create unique creative arts!

Ok, so in this lecture we will learn a very important way to create unique creative arts, using various technical tools, and do things that no one else can do.

Let's look at one of the activities. For example, there is such an activity as computer based drawing. 

But I would rather call it carrying out the soul image to the physical level via computer baseddrawing.

Because, I mean you can not only just draw images, but rather carry out the stream, carry out theunique energies and unique structures of your soul

And the person, looking at your drawing, will restore the original image that you transferred from the depths of your soul.

Please, note again, I did not just say "drawing", which would mean creating something technically just using tools like a pencil or photoshop. The tool is just a tool, it does not do anything by itself.

Such technical activity can be called horizontal

But this would not be that magnificent activity that brings to this world the energies and images of your native spaces. After all, you may notice that there are many qualitatively technically things in the world, but they are mostly uninteresting. It's movies, games, music and a lot of other things. 

All these authors use a horizontal approach.

And if you will be connecting with the soul, in this my courses will help, and you will carry imagesout of yourself into the physical world, then this will be the so-called vertical activity

And the more you develop, the better you can connect with your soul. And you can transmit the more perfect images. And this approach makes you and every good person, every starseed unique.

If you do it horizontally - you do the same as everyone does

Also, horizontal execution is suitable when a person wants to work under someone's guidance. And if you want to do something your own, you have to do it vertically, carrying out energy and structures from the very depth to the physical level - and your work will be UNIQUE, which no one else has.

That is, if you just mechanically use any tool, whether it's photoshop or 3ds max, or something else, then this will be a common activity

And if you understand yourself, you have entered a special state of understanding yourself and creativity, if you have felt the image and trying to carry out it - then this is what you need. 

And most people do not know how to create their own art and goods because either they do not know how to carry out the image from the soul, or do not know something technical, or do not know themselves what they want, what they could do.

And my courses can help you find the answers to these questions!

For example, you can, using this approach, create such wonderful works of art as this:

Isn't it beautiful? 

A then people can buy from you your drawings.

Also you can unite with other people here! For example, someone knows how to make great
calm music, someone can meditate, and you can draw images - and all together you will get a
great course on meditation, for example. And so on.

P.S. I'm glad to remind you that you can look through my course in video format, which you can read about here.

Welcome to the next lecture! 

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