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Lecture 4 - Meditation Exercise "Disconnection from negative energy grid"

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Lecture 4 - Meditation Exercise "Disconnection from negative energy grid"

So, we have come to the most important part of this course. Now we'll speak directly about the disconnection from the negative social grid

I will ask you to do the exercise from the previous lecture, and also to retire in your room, where nobody will disturb you and turn off the phone, the internet - any possible devices from the outside world that can disturb you.

So, as soon as you performed the "unloading of consciousness", you are ready to disconnect from the negative social grid.

You need now to disconnect from every set of people: from work, from colleagues, from the institute, from classmates, from friends, from every belief system, from computer games, from books, from internet sites, from everything that you have been dealing with lately


Because you can be connected to all sorts of sets of social things, but not directly to yourself and to the source. In general, people can be connected to other people: to parents, to friends, to the collective in high school / at work and the like. And their thoughts and actions people receive from there. Their actions are limited to this cap. Therefore, it is necessary to leave it, expanding your capabilities.

And you will need to disconnect from each person, from each belief system, from things like computer games, sports, youtube, facebook, etc. And you will need to do this manually, one by one.

Сложенные руки So, let's begin:
1. Imagine that you are in total solitude, where there is absolutely no one and can not be, for example, in the Cosmos on a distant planet. 

2. Imagine that you are inside a special protective sphere, it can be fiery, or electric, or water, or golden solar, whatever your intuition or soul tell you.

3. Within this sphere, you are autonomous, completely self-sufficient, and no one and nothing can get to you from outside. There is no work, no studies, no colleagues. There are no duties. No one, just stillness and calmness. You are in this sphere, and everything is fine. Time flows endlessly, you are swimming in an endless stream of time, heading to the future. 

4. It is very important to understand that you have complete protection from all external influences, and you do not need any energy, no food, no air, nothing inside this sphere. You do all this yourself! You are independent and autonomous from the outside world.

5. Now the most important thing: imagine how you are being attacked from outside by things that you were connected to! For example, work, study, bills - duties. Anything that distracts you, even a computer game or facebook. You can imagine this as either an arrow of energy or a wave of pressure, anything you want. The main thing is to see the picture and feel it all around you. And to try different pictures. When you find the best picture for your intuition - that means you hit the mark. You do not create an attack after all, but you try, by alternating different pictures, to understand what and how attacks you. As soon as you guess close to what is - you will definitely feel synchronization with it.

6. And now defend yourself against attacks, tighten the boundaries of the sphere in which you are, make it fire or electric - it's all your imagination. The main thing is that it have to protect you from attacks. For example fiery sphere precisely must always be burning and red-hot. One touch to it burns down to the very depths.

7. Also, do not forget to disconnect individually from each person with whom you communicate most (do not worry about good people, you will not disconnect from them forever). Most people will "attack" you with their responsibilities towards you. You will also need to defend yourself from them and allow yourself to be free and autonomous within the sphere. An interesting point is that in the process of disconnecting from people, they can call you or search you. Therefore, phones and other means of communication must be turned off so that you do not see or hear them, and do not feel during the exercise.

8. So, here you have already defended from the first wave of any things to do, and also from all the people (from each person separately). Now, and this is extremely important, you begin to "scroll" or skip the time ahead! Visualize that one day has passed, and you continue to be in your protective sphere. Who starts to attack you? Imagine that everyone is looking for you: relatives at home, friends at work, everywhere. And you still sit in your sphere, and do not go anywhere, defending yourself! Again, visualize how all this attacks you, and you are defending yourself.

And so, on this principle, imagine that one more day has passed and you repeat everything, it is very important! This can take a long time. And so you do until the imaginary week passes. If someone wants, you can imagine a whole month for one day and do 30 iterations until all the month will passed. Then you skip a week at a time and again imagine who and how attacks you, who is looking for you and who molest with duties. When you reach about half a year, you can skip by one month. And when the year passes, you can skip by one year at a time. And each time imagine and visualize who attacks you and how. Skipping by a year several times should be enough to begin skipping by tens and hundreds of years. You are immortal and eternal, time is not important for you! And you are heading to infinity now, feeling a blissful sense of freedom. 

                               Everything can disappear, but not you! you are eternal!


Once again I will remind you that no one should interfere with your life. Everyone should be independent of you. Your friends will wait for you, your Beloved person will wait for you, all will wait for you.

In the beginning, this exercise should be done every day or every few days (but do not miss it). Do it at least 1-2 hours. The upper limit is unlimited - the more, the better. This is due to the fact that the Earth's energy levels are filled with a negative network of implants, which are reactivated again when you wake up. 

And also do not forget that the level of awareness of people in society is very low. And when you go to bed, then wake up already permeated by thousands of negative energetics, by other people's thoughts and desires, allegedly submitted as yours.

Сложенные руки Therefore I want to give you an advice: every morning, as soon as you wake up, ask yourself "who am I?", Always remember who you really are.

Сложенные руки Doing this exercise will help you understand where your thoughts and desires are, and where are someone else's. Let me remind you that the exercise should be done every day, or every few days (but do it stable, do not skip) for the reason indicated above.

P.S. I'm glad to remind you that you can look through my course in video format, which you can read about here.

Welcome to the next lecture! 

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