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Magnificent Space Music 💫

I want to share the best space music, which carries the energies of the Cosmos, lightness and freedom.

Andrey Klimkovsky - Russian composer working in the electronic musical space.


In the evening, after a tiring day, when the orange-scarlet disk of the sun had dropped below the horizon, insert this CD into a player and swich of the light in the room... 

 ...You'll hear the night comes. Her steps are soft and inaudible, but the blue sky ether clearly distinguishable pulse of cosmic heart. Ultramarine evening sky thickens more and more with each passing moment, causing the feeling that the night somewhere near, that it is already here. In the dark-blue sky lit sparks of the first stars and a few minutes of your gaze a fantastic star placers, they planned a road along which you can bypass all the sky - the Milky Way. When you walk on it, you never get lost in the endless maze of stellar. To one side of the Milky Way, surrounded by his brothers and sisters, shining star of extraordinary beauty - Alcyone - the brightest star in the star cluster Pleiades constellation Taurus. You can admire it forever and just "shooting star" - a meteor - plowing across the fiery darts of the sky, makes you remember that the morning comes, in the east went up the old crescent moon, the sky brightens, and in red light of dawn comes a new day.

He invests all his soul in music, thereby using a vertical approach, and not a horizontal one. More about these approaches and much more you can learn from my free course "Meditation With Action!"

  Listen to his album - Music of Celestial Spheres - part 1 - from dusk till dawn


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Lecture 1 - Introduction and greeting!

Сложенные руки Hello, my dear guests, I'm glad to advise you that you can look through my course in video format, which you can read about here.
I also highly recommend you to listen to this wonderful music (or any other from this channel):

Lecture 1 - Introduction and greeting!

Сложенные руки Hello and welcome, my dear readers and students! My name is Anton. And from the very
childhood I knew that I came from space.

I was there in wonderful energies of freedom, limitlessness, joy and happiness.

I clearly remembered for me it was quite obvious that life on earth is wrong in almost every

For example, in space people live in joy and freedom, they have everything they need, a house, food, vehicles, everyone has it there. Everyone is engaged in such a thing, in which he invests all his energy and talent. And ALL of the cosmic people live in the same way! It's a society of love and light!

Also the major point is that they don't need to have jobs because they can create everything
whatever they wish from their advanced technology. They focus on their creativity, they focus on exploring the universe deeper.
They advance their science.
They like to visit different locations throughout the universe. 
  They advance their spirituality. They connect with each other. They create. They have a good time.
They don't have this slavery routine. This is not something that is normal. It is not considered
normal in the rest of the universe. 
Сложенные руки Needless to say, that such things as wars, murders, all this is completely absent in space. The rest of the universe lives in peace and harmony.

Seeing all this and much, much more I began to study, explore, look for reasons. And, it seems to me, I managed to find at least several important factors, knowledge of which will help people in their lives, including in meditation. And my courses will be about it.
Сложенные руки I see that people do not get results from meditations and I want to help them, that is you to dramatically improve efficiency of meditation
The vast majority of meditations do not speak about the most important things that must be done before meditating. And without knowledge of them, it will be much more difficult to develop in this direction.
And the most important thing that hinders most people, that's exactly what will be discussed inthe next lecture
Welcome! Let the light be with you! 

P.S. I'm glad to remind you that you can look through my course in video format, which you can read about here.

Welcome to the next lecture!