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Lecture 6 - Choosing harmonious financial activity. Some basic concepts.

Сложенные руки Hello, my dear guests, I'm glad to advise you that you can look through my course in video format, which you can read about here.
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Lecture 6 - Choosing harmonious financial activity. Some basic concepts.

Welcome again, my dear listeners! This time it will not be a lecture about meditation, but it will be a very important lesson

I will try to tell you about the fact that there are activities that allow you to earn money while being in good energy (as far as it is possible). 

I understand that many of you do not like the energy of most people that you can meet at work or business. 

But we're still living in this society, so good activity, which also brings good money, is very important.

I also realized in the last few years that many good people don't know what to do. They need a specific list to choose from. Otherwise they are in turmoil.

I picked up for you in this course 5 suitable areas of life in which you can realize yourself, being in good energetics. Although this may seem insufficient, but my goal here is to give you an understanding that you can engage in good activities, carry out a flow of energy from your Higher Self to the material world, cooperate with good people and be happy!

Сложенные руки Also I want to say one more thing about the types of activities. Please, do not worry, if these activities don't fit you at 100%. Because now after exercises on unloading of consciousness and disconnecting from all negative, you can think over what activity suits you best, and also there will be higher choice of activities in my extended course.

Сложенные руки And I want to tell you that if you suddenly feel like you do not know something specific, technical, you do not need to be worry about it as well. You can google, find free or inexpensive training courses and be able to learn what you want. That's for sure. We will talk with you later on about this topic.

Компьютер I will list mainly those activities that require only a computer and the Internet

Сложенные руки Because, probably, some of you do not know that you can live not in the USA but in other great places like Bali island for example.
You can work on the Internet and earn money that will be enough for you with a large margin, because the level of economy in these countries is low and the prices for housing, utilities, clothing, food are very low as well


  So, you can live freely in a country with a good climate, spending well under $ 1,000 per month.

And that also means that you can work part time on internet and not full time. And you'll still be earning a decent amount of money that would be enough for you in such countries.

P.S. I'm glad to remind you that you can look through my course in video format, which you can read about here.

Welcome to the next lecture! 

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