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Lecture 10 - Carrying out an active creative flow of energy into the material world.

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Lecture 10 - Carrying out an active creative flow of energy into the material world.

The next activity is “Carrying out an active creative flow of energy into the material world. Givingthe opportunity to other people to actively participate in good energies.” Or games, just computer or video games.

You might think: why should I do this? Games are not an example of good energy, after all. You might think so.

  But, perhaps you just did not meet games that carry magic and good energies.

That is, you can, using the same principle of carrying out the higher structures of your soul,
create such games, in which people will be playing and their souls will rest, and this will also beactive and interesting.

For example, if you are doing a platformer, then use a background and music that will remind people of the free worlds of other planets

And if you do not have enough skills to draw and compose music, then unite with those good people who have such skills :)

If you make a puzzle game, then add a plot in it, let the success in resolving of the problem
decide the fate of the character. 

Let's say this character flew over the cosmos and crashed on a planet with low-level civilazation. 

Fantasize, think not stereotypically. 

And now he is ought to solve this puzzles to achieve the local king's favor. 

Then the King can reward him with something that can help to fix his ship and to fly away eventually. 

Do unloading of consciousness and reflect on ideas. 

You can add different endings to the game.
For example, your character can marry the daughter of the king and forget about space. 

Or he can go into space in good relations with the king, who will help him, as promised. Or something else. 
Fantasize freely!

If you make a strategy game, then let it be already developed civilization almost without wars and violence from the start of you game.

And the main goal of the game may be the harmonization of space on the planet and near theplanet in order for the planet to be in harmony with the galaxy.

Let one of the goals be the adoption of the planet into the galactic community, and for this it will need from a player a lot: 
to ensure that the energy on the planet is infinite, that will allow everyone to have no work, but to
engage in interesting and useful activities;

to ensure that the culture is clean and not vulgar;
to ensure that people are kind;
to ensure that the infrastructure for cosmic travel is ready and so on. 

And you can design the whole game in cosmic colors and you can come up with many great ideas here.

I also chose this sphere because in recent days it's much easier to learn programming for creation
of the games than it was before.

Now tons of dollars and large teams of developers are not needed to make wonderful games.

Now you can make games all by yourself, thanks to user-friendly programs, so called gameengines. One of these engines is Unity

A lot of modern games are made on it.

Now you can study one language and then master Unity application and develop games there for all modern platforms.

And Unity is free, including for commercial use. You can just download it from the site and start
implementing your ideas in the form of a game, and, besides, get paid for it. You can read about the terms of use on the site.

There are a lot of free and paid training materials on Unity on the Internet. On Unity's site itself,
there are free training materials on both Unity and the basics of programming for it.

You can also use YouTube - there are a lot of free training materials. Or in any other place on the
Internet. Look for and you will find.

For example, there is a very good and detailed course on udemy: https://www.udemy.com/unitycourse/

Unity has its own store of game models, objects of environment, music and sounds - all that is
needed to create your game: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/31047 

And there are also free essential things to create a game: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/32351

Unite with people holding the same views to create beautiful games together!

And now I will give here a step-by-step instruction, so that you can more easily focus on the most important things to do. The first items in the list are very similar to those that I have described previously but I'll still write them just to remind you.

1. You are disconnecting from everything bad. You understand yourself and your thoughts and
desires with the help of exercises from my course (and full extended versions of these exercises
will be in my extended course).

2. You understand whether this type of activity suits you or not. And if not, you are trying to
figure out what other kind of activity will suit you. If it does siut then continue to the next step

3. Unite with your soul (which we will talk about in full course) and try to feel the possible ideas
of games, the plot, the images of active energy that can come to you from the higher worlds.

4. You are studying how to carry out this ideas of games technically to the material world with
the help of game engines, for example, Unity. 

You can study both for free:

And in a paid ways:  

5. And again be ready to be engaged in the chosen direction not less than 1 year. Keep practice
and study. Continue to connect with your soul and to feel ideas. Be ready to practice this for a
long time, do not expect a result for 1 day. Activity on the physical level requires a seriousinvestment of time and effort.

6. After you have acquired basic skills, you can apply for a job to gain missing experience. Or,
if it seems not suitable for you then you can work remotely or register on freelance websites, for
example, upwork and perform simple tasks at first, and more complicated later.

7. Further, when you already feel confident you can create your own games, put them in
different places, like steam for pc versions or google play or apple store for mobile ones. 

Unity allows you to develop a game for all modern platforms at a time!
Also, you can ask for funding on the kickstarter. This is a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity. 

8. You can unite with other good people and making great games together! You can either
develop the game together or come up with a story. Someone can make music, someone can draw. 

Unite and create beautiful games, in which people will play and will feel the positive energy of action!

P.S. I'm glad to remind you that you can look through my course in video format, which you can read about here.

Welcome to the next lecture! 

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